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MS technik spol. s r.o. claims responsibility for permanent improving of the environment. By introducing our ecologically oriented management, we declare that the ecological aspects, as well as the quality aspects, are becoming part of the top company management strategy. By accepting such policies, we voluntarily claim responsibility to activities which actively influence improvement of the environment within the society and our region. The management of the company is aware of the fact that environment-friendliness and safety of products and production determines standing of the company on the market and its relationship to competition.

  • We shall include the environmental aspects in all life cycle phases of our products, starting from their development up to their launch and liquidation.
  • Our commitment comprises economical handling of raw materials, chemical substances and energies. We shall reduce their consumption and provide our employees, the public and our customers with information on how to handle our products in order not to harm the environment, their health and safety.
  • We shall reduce and stop releasing pollutants into the environment (air, soil, water). Our production is set in a way so that the impact on the environment, safety and health of our employees is minimal. We shall reduce the volume of produced waste and slow down drawing of raw materials by means of recycling. We shall prioritize the environment, protection of health and safety the same way as we prioritize the economic aspects.
  • We abide by the legal standards of the environmental protection. Legal and other requirements are worked out to different shop floors of the company.
  • We keep a register of significant environmental aspects, and identify the sources and risks which may cause an accident, threaten the environment, safety and health of our employees. We have emergency plans, documentation and tools prepared as a precaution of potential emergencies.
  • We cooperate with governmental authorities, our partners, customers and suppliers of goods and services. From the above mentioned entities we require compliance with the same environmental, occupational health and safety principles as we do.