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Pressing Shop
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Our press shop for sheet metals is located in Nový Jičín which features a cutting-edge device capable of processing materials with thickness from 0.6 to 5.0mm . Our most commonly used technology is the method of cold progressive pressing, during which we offer sheet-metal forming for a wide range of grades of feed materials. We specialize in the processing of sheets made from common steel grades, also from ferrite and austenitic stainless steel, and to a lesser extent we also process sheets made from non-ferrous metals.

We offer production of pressings especially on progressive presses MMW, Arisa, Kaiser and LUD with tonnage from 2 000kN to 5 000kN. Besides that we are able to press parts on presses with manual loading with tonnage from 1000kN to 5000kN. Our economical and effective production relies on fitting all our presses with modern control systems, which enable fast adjustment of tools and setting of production pressing process in a way to ensure high-quality of parts and safety of tools.

We design and make our own moulds and tools on site in our own Tool Room . That is why we are able to implement requirements to our customers quickly, effectively and for competitive prices.