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Our design and developement office is responsible for the design for a wide range of pressing tools, checking, welding and assembling appliances, all in close cooperation with our customers. We are also able to offer designs for prototype tools which are in combination with a suitably selected technology, meant for production of prototype parts.

Constructioning our pressing tools and appliances is made exclusively using first-rate 3D graphic software. In case of studies and development of pressing tools meant for pressing of deep drafts, we also use the latest simulation applications. We are able to exchange all data in all commonly used graphic formats with our customers.

Upon request of our customers, we will perform studies for manufacturability of products in which we suitably simulate weak spots of pressings prior to starting production of the pressing tools themselves, and we are able to optimize the solution repeatedly. In cooperation with our own tool room and production shops, our engineers produce modern and innovative tools and appliances, which are used in the design process and up to and throught the production and debugging process.

 Our tool room, represents a significant technological support for our whole company and is capable of producing pressing tools with a total length of up to 3.5m and weight up to 12 tons. and our tool room serves as a support during the maintenance of the pressing tools used for serial pressing of parts.

Our experience and up-to-date machinery enable us to offer high-quality production of pressing tools and appliances in compliance with the latest knowledge and using top quality materials. All this while preserving deadlines and required quality for competitive prices.